RENOVA PLUS (Asphalt Rejuvenator) 

  • Renova Plus is the ONLY rejuvenator specifically formulated and manufactured for use in asphalt recycling machines. It’s the ONLY additive needed.
  • Renova Plus is introduced directly into the mixing process (tossed in) to produce the highest possible quality hot asphalt mix.
  • Renova Plus consists of proportioned virgin liquid asphalt cement, crumb rubber and proprietary softeners blended together in a single semi-solid product. The AC content adds asphalt oil and restores the binding element to old pavement. The rubber component provides for adhesion, elasticity, resilience and compaction (density), all of which assure the integrity of the repair. Softeners make the recycled mix flexible and more workable.
  • Renova Plus can be adjusted to the specific application and quality of the old material being recycled.
  • Renova Plus is so effective that you’ll need less of this product than anything else you use now AND you’ll get better results, for less cost.
  • Renova Plus is easy to handle and store. As a semi-solid, it does not freeze.
  • Renova Plus is packaged in 1lb and  2-1/2lb plastic bags.
  • Renova Plus is shipped with a Material Safety Data Sheet and our material specialist is available for questions, recommended usage, appropriate application, or for your own custom formulation.
  • Testimonials are available.

To order, call RENOVA Industries at 1-844-778-1788 or e-mail

Comments on Conventional “Rejuvenators” Prior to the Advent of RENOVA PLUS: Roofing shingles, as a rejuvenator, are inadequate and inappropriate, as they are manufactured to resist melting in fire and contain products that contribute nothing to the quality of hot mix, such as sand, paper and felt underlayment. In fact, these components may be detrimental to the production of quality hot mix. Asphalt cement used in the process of manufacturing shingles is actually oxidized AC, designed to be “stiff” so that shingles don’t melt on the roof in fires – the exact opposite of the desired binding qualities of virgin asphalt cement required to produce quality hot mix. Shingles only contain 17 to 20% asphalt oil; so, a large quantity of shingles are necessary to be at all effective for adding asphalt cement; causing stiffness in the mix, resulting in a brittle repair susceptible to cracking and rutting. Simply adding vegetable oils, pine oils, resins, greases, or wax beads does nothing to add asphalt oil to the finished product. Rubber pellets with AC oil (but not enough) have too high of a concentration of rubber (60% plus) which results in a stiff mix that often causes balling and unraveling of aggregate in the repair. Experienced users of asphalt recycling technology will tell you that the amount of AC in the mix is crucial. RENOVA PLUS contains better than 80% asphalt oil.