Giving new life to old asphalt isn’t new. There have been asphalt recycling machines and rejuvenators in the market before, but only one technology provides complete satisfaction with the quality of the hot mix produced – RENOVA!

The newest asphalt recycling technology has merged industry lessons learned with innovative technology to become the choice for reliable quality of recycled asphalt. RENOVA offers its owners exclusive benefits:

  • Size – RENOVA produces 2 tons of hot mix per cycle or approximately 8 to 10 tons per hour. RENOVA, on its tri-axle trailer (weight capacity: 21,000 lbs), may be transported fully loaded with 4,200 lbs of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavment (RAP) or millings on board.
  • Speed – 12- to 20-minute process cycle time results in lower operating costs and increased production proficiency. Even in the coldest climates, recycled hot mix is ready in less than 25 minutes from initial start-up on first batch, and progressively less time on subsequent batches.
  • Mobility – Entirely mobile, the RENOVA can travel with hot mix contained in its drum and therefore serves the dual purpose of producing hot mix and transporting that hot mix, negating the need for an ancillary hot box. Alternatively, the RENOVA can be used efficiently and effectively in a stationary setting if desired. No other technology is as versatile.
  • Simplicity – User-friendly functionality and straightforward, simple American-made components. The entire 2 ton (RENOVA 4000) asphalt load can be processed as a batch. There are no time-consuming setup or shutdown procedures. The RENOVA hopper lowers to 2 feet off the ground to accommodate ground-level loading by hand, shovel or wheel barrel. The RENOVA accepts chunks of RAP up to 24-inches wide, 8-inches thick and 72-inches long. RENOVA offers the easiest access to discharging material in the industry. No other recycler is as diverse in capabilities.
  • Safety – RENOVA’s burner is lowered into place from above and retracted safely without any probability of harm to operator or others standing nearby. The burner of a competitor technology swings into position dangerously at operator head height.
  • Structure– Robust quality construction from the steel mixing drum, steel flighting and fins, to the high-grade globe gear drive and steel roller bearings on which the drum rotates. All hydraulically powered with no chain drives assures highest power transfer. Superior in weight per purchase dollars.  RENOVA’s closest competitor weighs 11,000 lbs. The RENOVA at 13,500 lbs. provides more machine for the money.
  • Serviceability – Minimal moving parts, American-made parts and components readily available, simplest of controls, ease of maintenance. Cleaning the mixing drum of RENOVA is a simple matter of loading 1” stone, tumbling at 300° F for 30-minutes and seeing all residual material adhere to the stone, leaving the steel inner shell and flighting clean down to the steel without tools, chamber entry and cleaners.
  • Reheat Ability – On-site use of a recycler necessitates reheating mix as the recycler moves from repair to repair. Ideal discharge temperature 300F with the safe range of 275-325F. Alternative technologies use indirect convection heat from an inner jacket which means specific stage times and temperatures must be upheld. Owners of these technologies have overridden these controls and sought to reheat mix as it sits in the final stage of their process. They have realized negative results from this practice including mix catching on fire.  With RENOVA, pre-heated mix can simply stay in the drum and be reheated by lowering the burner and running it for 3 to 5 minutes to raise the mix temp back up over 300F. There is no risk of the mix catching on fire.
  • Drying of Wet Millings RAP and millings get wet sitting outdoors in stockpiles. When millings get wet, that moisture must be removed before the asphalt renewal process can begin. In the RENOVA, simply keep the mix in the drum and heat until the moisture is removed. Required time add: 2-3 minutes.  RENOVA’s extended drum-heat time is far simpler to address the common condition of wet millings.
  • In-Process Mix Quality Checking Asphalt recycler operators find it advantageous to assess the quality of the product while it is in the process of production, to actually remove some of the product to view it in process. A 3-stage, closed process recycler prohibits this access. With the RENOVA, an operator merely reverses drum rotation to bring mix toward nose of drum (and 27-inch opening) to remove shovel-full of mix for inspection.
  • Hot Mix Overheating Avoidance – The RENOVA deploys direct-fire, no-contact heating methodology, leveraging radiative heat, the highest method of source-to-load heat transfer possible. Drum contents do not have direct contact with burner flame. The drum has internal flights to create a flow direction of loaded materials keeping them separate from flame. The drum has internal baffles to create shear mixing of material. The burner shuts off automatically when an excessive drum shell temperature is sensed indicating a potential for overheating of the asphalt material.
  • Miscellaneous – RENOVA has accessory electrical receptacles for night lighting. RENOVA’s digital weight indicator on the hopper, using highly-accurate strain gauge sensing technology, allows operators to know exact amounts of material per load so as to calculate proper amounts of rejuvenator required. Also, a temperature sensor with digital display allows even the most inexperienced operator of the RENOVA to set the maximum temperature at which point the burner shuts off automatically when an excessive mix temperature is sensed – to enable the operator to avoid overheating the mix.  Any system fault automatically shuts down the system and illuminates a visual fault indicator.
  • Rejuvenator for Mix Quality– Perhaps the most critical component determining asphalt quality during the renewal process is the rejuvenator added to each batch of mix. RENOVA achieves high quality hot mix with every batch by the addition of an exclusive rejuvenator by RENOVA. This product, the only rejuvenator specifically formulated and produced for use in asphalt recycling machines, elevates the quality of HMA with increased elasticity, resilience, adhesion and compaction. The rejuvenator is available in the form of 1 and  2.5-pound packages for insertion into the mix during the recycling process. The rejuvenator contains asphalt cement, rubber and softeners. With these components blended together, the rejuvenator restores life to the old asphalt cement in the RAP or millings being recycled and protects against oxidation and deterioration of the repair. Rejuvenators recommended by the competing technologies are not capable of delivering equal quality hot mix on a regular basis.
  • Manufacturing Location – RENOVA is manufactured in the USA.